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Marshmallow Fondant Recipe

Someone mentioned Marshmallow Fondant (MMF) the other day on Ma’ Cake fanpage. OMG that certainly bring backs memories.  I used MMF a lot when I only made cakes for friends and family.  These are some of the cake photos at the time where I still used MMF…

I’m very proud how far I’ve come by looking at some of my first few fondant cakes… So if I can so can you…

Back to MMF, out of many recipes I’ve tried, this one is the best after I made some changes…


  • 450 gr white marhsmallow (pascall brand I normally use)
  • 900 gr pure icing sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 tbsp water
  • melted Copha


1. Grease a microwaveable bowl with melted copha.  Add all marhsmallow, vanilla and water

2. Microwave for 45 seconds.  Remove from microwave and stir until completely melted with fork.  (Put melted copha on the fork)

3. If the marshmallow doesn’t melt after stirring, return to microwave for 10 seconds and stir (repeat intervals if necessary)

4. Add sifted pure icing sugar and process at low speed until well incorporated then increase speed (if you don’t have stand mixer, mix with the fork until well incorporated then knead)

5. Pour some pure icing sugar, knead marshmallow mix (please be careful, it might still be hot at this point)  Grease your hand with melted copha to avoid marshmallow sticking to your hand.

6. If the mix is too sticky, add some more sifted pure icing sugar until it becomes firmer

7. Knead into a loaf (it will be a little bit soft at this point but don’t worry).  Wrap it in a cling wrap and cool for one hour (it will get firmer then)

8. You can store in dry place or refrigerator (it will store for weeks)

Happy making  and have fun with the marshmallow…

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  1. jadey

    Very very happy with how the fondant came out! Made it blue and pink..thankyou so much for the recipe 😀

  2. Wen


    Awwwsome cakes!

    Is there another alternative if i don’t have copha?

  3. Hi Wen,

    You can use Crisco if you live in the US..


  4. Leah

    Why don’t you use marshmallow fondant anymore? What are the cons?

  5. There’s no cons with MMF except time. So if you only make cakes every now and then it’s good to use this recipe and taste better as well.. 🙂

  6. Angie

    Hi Leony,
    I stumbled upon your site when looking for marshmallow fondant recipe.
    I must say I love your work.. your cakes, your dessert table goodies.. all of them 🙂 Striking and gorgeous colours…
    I’d like to try the MMF recipe. Does this fondant keep well ?
    Can I put covered cake in the fridge (will fondant sweat) ?

    BTW after checking out your FB fan page (I’m your newest fan) ha.. I think we met before as you look familiar 🙂

  7. Hi Angie,

    Thank you for your lovely comment… 🙂 I had a very quick turn around when I used to use it but it can keep up to 1 month. You can put covered cake in the fridge and yes it will sweat but leave it out in the room temprature and the sweat will go away. If we’ve met before apologise for not recognising you.. 🙂 But thank you for becoming my newest fan..

  8. Shannon

    Beautiful Work!!!

    Just a couple of quick questions, what size cake would this amount of fondant cover? I usually use ready made fondant?? and does the vanilla extract give the fondant an off white colour??


  9. Hi Shannon,

    I’ve used this MMF a long time ago. I’ve forgotten what size cake that this fondant will cover. I’m so sorry..:( As for the vanilla extract, you can use Wilton Clear Vanilla extract so it won’t give any colour to the MMF. good luck..:)


  10. jace

    hi leony,
    thnx for the MMF recipe …i tried it today and was sooooooo happy with it and it was pretty simple too and tastes gr8 !
    thanks again !!!

  11. Ona

    Please, do you have the regular fondant recipe and gumpaste recipe too as i can’t get marshmallows in my part of the world…thanks for all the recipes!

  12. Hi there,

    Unfortunately I don’t have any other fondant and gumpaste recipe.


  13. Tanzy


    Can I just ask about how much fondant does this recipe make in the end?
    I would like to make a teapot and am looking to make enough to cover it.
    I am using this site to make the cake..

    Would your recipe make enough for say just the white on the pot, or would I need to make more? or would there be enough to make the pink lid also?

    🙂 thanks!

  14. Apologize for not replying any earlier but it should be enough for the teapot and the lid. xx Leony xx

  15. Samm

    Hi Leony,

    I’m just wondering if this amount of MMF would cover the top 2 squares of the phoeo in the link posted below, as my Best friend is making my 18th cake.


    Thanks and your cakes are spectacular.

  16. Nat

    Hi, oh I love your cakes, the finish on them is flawless. All are work of art.

    I noticed you now use swiss buttercream for your cakes, do you have a recipe for this that doesn’t melt in hot weather?

    Oh if you don’t mind sharing also !!!!

    Thanks !

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